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Paula, The PR Guru, was Featured on Bryan Weatherford's Business TV Show, 'All In'

 Teacher for Children with Special Needs, Ms Sweeting (photo - second last on the right)  Started Using Cooking as a Way to Help her Students Understand and Enjoy Basic Math in South Africa in 2010.  From this Paula created the Little Chefs Program in that country and periodically gives provides complimentary  classes in LA

Paula's passion for cooking extends outside of her favorite pass time. It is also how she inspires children with special needs as a nod to her teenage daughter who was born with cerebral palsy and who is a natural 'foodie'.

 Many happy hours have been spent in the kitchen enjoying family time creating something delicious that her daughter could also get involved in - and it is also how this PR guru relaxes away from the office and busy marketing campaigns.

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Ana Paula Ferreira Founded the Little Chefs Kitchen Program at Glenoaks School in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2010. The fully fitted kitchen for 10 students and their teacher was provided by the generous sponsors, most who were Paula's clients who supported the cause.


Paula used her passion for cooking and gave cooking classes voluntarily in 2010 so that children with special needs could embrace this important life skill while opening the window of world subjects like geography and math using cooking as their base with their class teachers, and as an after school activity that could possibly pave a vocational interest in future career choice.

Her daughter, now a teenager, was a student at the school in her elementary first year. and who's class teacher Ms Angie Sweeting  created the foundation of tangible learning for children who struggle with the intangible concept of basic math.  However as Ms Sweeting would put it:  '1 cup of sugar + 2 eggs = 3 ingredients, which resonated with her students more than workbooks and it seemed to be the 'eureka formula that her students needed to grasp basic arithmetic in every day activities.


Paula decided to call upon her loyal clients for sponsorship in order to donate a top of the line culinary class that developed into the 'Little Chefs' program that the students could enjoy - both as an after school activity as well as part of their school curriculum.

Although now based in Los Angeles, Paula continues to inspire young 'master chefs' and hosts free cooking classes for children with special needs from time to time.  In light of the recent Covid 19 situation, these classes are on temporary hold.  However Paula does not let that detour her culinary angels' creations as there's a world of cuisine to be discovered online and soon with the launch of 'Paula's Passion', foodies from all over the world can access her culinary delights.

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